Rental Opportunity

Shopping at Royal Raine is an experience and we want to share that with you too. We’re open Monday-Friday 3PM-8PM and Saturday 10AM-7PM. We’re located at 17-222 Osborne St.
Payouts are done monthly via PayPal or E-transfer

Type of Rental
OPTION 1: Fully Paid: Vendors will pay for a shelf or rack for the month and receive pay outs weekly. E.g., if your product cost is $20, after a sale you will receive $20. This is a 3-month agreement.
1 Tier Shelf - $75/ month
2 Tier Shelves - $130/ month
3 Tier Shelving Unit - $170/month
1 Featured Rack (4-way rack) - $200/month
Other (to be discussed)


OPTION 2: Commission: Royal Raine will receive a 20% commission of each sale.  Vendors will receive payouts weekly. This is 6 months agreement.

Each month Royal Raine will promote your business through our monthly sales event at no extra cost.

•Monthly Free activities to interact with your customers.
•You choose between  a monthly fee or commission.
• We showcase your products at weekly local markets for no extra cost.
• You can volunteer at the shop at your convenience.
• You can use our space for your events.
• You’re promoted on our Social Media daily.
• You can use us as a pick up location.